AZ Corporation Commission Votes to Close Docket on Deregulation

September 11, 2013
Arizona Power Consumers Coalition

Consumers win big with today's decision and Arizona will continue to be a state with affordable and reliable electrical service

ARIZONA – The Arizona Power Consumers Coalition on behalf of Arizona's consumers is pleased with the Arizona Corporation Commission vote to close the docket on the proposal to deregulate Arizona's electrical system. The Arizona Power Consumers Coalition applauds this decision as it clearly benefits all Arizonan's.

"We would like to thank the Corporation Commissioners and their staff for all of the hard work and time spent on this issue," said Jay Heiler, Chairman of the AZ Power Consumers Coalition. "The decision by the Commissioners provides economic certainty going forward for consumers and electric providers alike. We believe the current regulatory structure can always be improved and look forward to a dialogue focused on improving service, reliability and affordability here in Arizona."

"We are deeply grateful for the Commissioners decision today," concluded Heiler.

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